Helping our customers take care of their customers

Official & Istana events
Over the years, Cooking Art has supplied for several Government and Istana events. Our kuehs and desserts have been enjoyed by international delegates from all over the world. It would our pleasure to service you for your next official event.

Buffet Lines with a Local Touch
Give your buffet spread a touch of the Singaporean or traditional culture by including a Nonya Kueh, Cakes and Pastries station!

Banquets & Functions
Want to give your customers options like no other? Include some of our local delights in your banquet menus as starters, desserts, or even as a unique door-gift item.

Room Service/Amenities
Want to give your customers a unique local experience? Our kuehs can be customized to fit into your room as special amenities or as part of your local room service menu.

Product Customisation
Cooking Art believes that every customer is different and we love to provide for that. Over the years, Cooking Art has worked with several high-profile customers and chefs to come up with new and flagship products for their businesses. Let us work with you on your next big culinary delight!

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